Be Better Hypnotherapy

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Natasha Blaauw

Dip.Hyp. GQHP GHR Reg


Be Better Hypnotherapy is not currently accepting any new clients.

I wish you all the very best n finding the help you require.

Natasha Blaauw






My name is Natasha. I am the founder of Be Better Hypnotherapy and a fully accredited Hypnotherapist, Complementary therapist and NLP Practitioner.

These established modes of therapy can benefit everyone.

I have years of experience, and also qualifications in many complementary therapy techniques. This makes my therapy tailored to you and to solving the difficulties you are ready to overcome now.


I always have and I always will, offer a Free Initial Consultation. Among many things, this offers you the opportunity to meet me, tell me about your experiences and ask any questions about how hypnotherapy can help you.  


I am located in the centre of Romford in Havering, Essex.

Less than a minute walk from Romford station.


So whatever the issue may be:

 Lack of confidence


Giving up smoking

Weight control

Low Self Esteem

Pre and Post Natal Mental Health



We can work together to help you get a solution.


Remember it's a Free Initial Consultation. So whatever you believe about yourself or situation you have nothing to lose.

Be Better